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Alore Sail Boat Friendly Staff

Welcome Aboard THE ALORE SAILBOAT and allow us to take your breath away, while we sail over the calm waters of the Pacific Ocean in the Papagayo Bay.

Sit back grab a nice tropical drink and “Enjoy The Present Moment”.

Pura Vida

 The Alore Sailboat Costa Rica, it is 100% owned and operated by a local Costa Rican Family, who have more than 12 years of experience working in the area of aquatic tourism. The owners Diego and Marcela are born and raised in Costa Rica, and live near Playas del Coco. They are lovers of the Ocean and all the animals that live in it. Having worked in tourism for many years, Diego has a great knowledge of the sea after being a captain of artisanal fishing boat, an owner/captain of a sport fishing business, and now the owner/captain of the Alore Sail Boat. Marcela has dedicated her career to sales and customer service, and now handles all the bookings and personal requests from their customers.  

Throughout the years, with much love and effort we have evolved along with our business. We started out with a small boat offering tours of the bay, along with fishing and surfing tours. Over the years we have bought and sold a total of 5 different fishing boats, and then one day we decided we would try something a little different and purchased our first Sail Boat, The Alore. Now, with our Love of the Ocean and still wanting to be on the water we are today offering you the opportunity to come aboard and sail with us either on a public tour or a private tour.

Our mission is that each client who takes one of our tours, can live a different experience; we are committed to offering an awesome time on the water and customer service of the highest quality. We like that each client who visits our sailboat can feel the warmth of our people and enjoy to the maximum the beauties that our country has to offer.

alore sailboat

Alore Sailboat

Welcome Aboard our beautiful 41 ft Alore Sailboat.
Allow us to show you the wonders of The Papagayo Peninsula.  We will glide across the calm waters of the Pacific Ocean where you will see an abundance of wildlife, glorious beaches and wonderous landscapes.
Come join us for some fantastic Costa Rican Hospitality.
Pura Vida 🙂


captain diego

Leo - Boat Captain

Leo, has been a captain for most of his life, he has more than 25 years of experience. He has been a captain of commercial fishing, and sport fishing boat and in recent years he has been a sailboat captain.

Leo has been in our company for 4 years, during this time he has proven to be a responsible, orderly and kind person and above all extremely careful with our clients.

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Marcela - Sales and Marketing

Marcela was born in San Jose and moved to Playas Del Coco when she a young girl. She has spent most of her life in the hospitality industry, and has a great love for the sea. She handles all the sales, marketing, administration and supplies for the boat. 

For Marcela, Alore means a lot, it has taught her that hard work pays off and their main goal is to ensure that every client who takes a tour on their boat takes home a beautiful memory of their amazing country, Costa Rica.

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Carlos - Tour Guide

He is your guide, we affectionately call him Carlitos, he was born in Costa Rica and has 15 years of experience as a guide.

He will ensure that your trip aboard the Alores Sailboat is pleasant, fun and safe.

He is an excellent swimmer so he will do his best to make your snorkeling a great experience, he has excellent skills to show you puffer fish, octopus, manta rays and his specialty is finding hidden turtles. Besides being a great swimmer, he has a good talent as a bartender so don’t forget to ask for his famous mango and cacique cocktail.

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